Olivia worked wonders editing my literary novel
ON HEAVEN’S HILL. She corrected a million little things that helped to make the characters ring true, and the narrative to gain gravity. In short, she saved me. And I don’t say that lightly. She’s gold.

Kim Heacox

Olivia had a clear vision of what my manuscript could be and was able to make concrete suggestions of how to get it there. I was never left wondering “how?” and unlike some editors, she never left me feeling defeated.
I consider her one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with. And to top it off, she’s extremely nice.

Anna Olswanger

I had the absolute pleasure of having Olivia as my editor for three separate fiction projects. She is professional, detail-oriented, and knows precisely how to elevate a manuscript from “meh” to “wow.” With Olivia at the helm of editing your fiction project, I can guarantee you will be left with a manuscript marked by perfect pacing, absolutely no plot holes, social and cultural sensitivity, and rich, well-developed characters. Any writer knows edits can oftentimes be difficult if the editor is vague on what exactly they are suggesting, but Olivia makes the process of working with her a breeze by providing clear, concise feedback that never leaves you guessing about exactly what she wants from you. I can confidently say working with her has immensely improved my fiction writing as I continue to apply many of the learnings I gleaned from her to my current projects.

Candice Jalili

Olivia copyedited three novels of mine, published by West Margin Press, and a memoir. In all four instances, she did an outstanding job. I am amazed by her attention to detail. She finds and corrects incorrect facts and time sequences and the like, which I could not possibly discover myself. She has a keen eye for lack of clarity and makes astute edits to correct the flaw. She unfailingly points out word choices that do not quite fit what I am trying to say; she “gets” nuance, and suggests a more accurate word. I am very grateful for her consistency in finding places where I may have inadvertently caused potential offense by using language that complies with negative stereotypes. She misses no details around correct usage, punctuation, and capitalization.

Stephen Davenport

Olivia’s editorial superpower may be versatility. She can juggle fictional characters, nonfiction, and puzzles in a single book, using her keen eye to maximize fun and accuracy. Launching a book can be scary, but working with Olivia gave me confidence in my work and the final product.

Jen Funk Weber