About Me

I grew up in the suburbs around Los Angeles, California, with my parents and two sisters. Reading and writing had always just been fun hobbies for me, until a high school short story contest made me realize that my interests could actually translate into a future career.

Shortly after graduating from UC Berkeley as an English major, I jumped into the world of publishing by taking on as many internships as I could, which eventually led to editorial positions at publishers including Image Comics and West Margin Press. I have worked on everything from history and travel books to novels, memoirs, and comics. My clients include Zest Books, Turner Publishing, Gibbs Smith, Heyday Books, Row House Publishing, and Third State Books, as well as self-published authors.

When I’m not visiting family in LA, I can likely be found with my nose in a book somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love hiking, tolerate running, and miss doing tae kwon do.